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Your first consultation is normally about 40 minutes to an hour, where your Chiropractor Cost South Africa can vary depending on the practice and type of consultation. During this consultation, a history is taken, a physical examination will be done and the spine and associated muscles will be assessed. If needed, X-rays will be taken. All these tests will aid your Chiropractor in making the correct diagnosis and choosing the best treatment. You will be given a full explanation of the planned treatment.

The case history is when the Chiropractor asks questions about your symptoms, your medical history and occupation to find out physical activities and posture. This helps identify the areas of complaint.

The physical examination will centre on the neuromusculoskeletal system. This includes analyzing your posture, testing your range of motion, testing reflexes and carrying out neurological and orthopaedic tests. Depending on the complaint, your Chiropractor may take your blood pressure and examine your lungs to check your physical health.

The examination of the spine is when the Chiropractor will evaluate and identify the problem that might exist within the spine or other joints. Each vertebra should move individually to allow normal spine function, this is what the Chiropractor examines. Your muscles will also be examined for weakness, spasms, inflammation and dysfunction.

Before your treatment, your Chiropractor will discuss your diagnosis and suggest the treatment plan. In the case where the condition falls outside the Chiropractic scope of practice, your Chiropractor will refer you to the appropriate health professional. It is important for your Chiropractor to give you the best treatment possible.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about your treatment. Your treatment will be specialized for your diagnosis. Your “homework” can include stretches and exercises. You may also be advised of good posture, ergonomics, sleeping positions and lifestyle.

Your follow up treatment will be scheduled according to your treatment plan. Follow up treatments generally last 20-30 minutes. During all your sessions your progress will be assessed and any changes to the original plan will be discussed with you.

Your Chiropractor Cost South Africa should not have to be high if you have a Chiropractor that knows what he doing and cares for your well being. Jacques Bezuidenhout is a well-known Chiropractor in the Centurion area and specializes in many types ailments you may have.