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Osteoporosis affects around 100 million people globally and is the most common metabolic disorder of bone. There is a general misconception that patients with osteoporosis are unable to seek chiropractic care. Chiropractors are invaluable when it comes to treatment of osteoporosis and can be helpful in the management and monitoring of the condition.

With osteoporosis bone density gradually decreases, making bones susceptible to fracture. A licensed chiropractor can test your bone density with a DXA scan, after which a treatment plan can be implemented. Specialist care will depend on the severity of a patient’s osteoporosis.

In some cases, adapted and milder chiropractic adjustments may promote bone growth. Exercises to progress mobility, stretches and soft tissue therapy are just some of the tools your chiropractor can utilise to strengthen the muscle and tissue surrounding bones and prevent injury.

A chiropractor can also suggest that lifestyle changes be employed to preserve, build and maintain bone density. A wholesome diet that consists of calcium and Vitamin D is essential in the fight against osteoporosis, while foods with high salt content, alcohol, carbonated drinks and caffeine should be avoided. In addition, weight-bearing exercise like walking and strength training could be beneficial.


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