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Can children get subluxations?

The neurology and mechanics of joints are incredibly complex, and so much more is the spinal column. The spinal column links the brain to the body and is and intricate network of nerve connections. The term ‘subluxation’ simply describes a form of spinal nerve...

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Can patients with osteoporosis enjoy chiropractic care?

  Osteoporosis affects around 100 million people globally and is the most common metabolic disorder of bone. There is a general misconception that patients with osteoporosis are unable to seek chiropractic care. Chiropractors are invaluable when it comes to...

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Why is good posture important?

  You have probably heard your mother say ‘Stop slouching’ once or twice in your life. She gave you invaluable advice. You will not only look good with better posture, but also feel good. Although standing up straight can make you appear healthier, balanced...

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Centurion Chiropractor Treats Sports Injuries

Human Biomechanics. What is human biomechanics? Biomechanics means movement and posture. It is the study of movement in the human body. This includes how muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments work together to produce movement. There are two subfields of study:...

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Posture and Ergonomics

Different jobs require different postures. Ergonomics draws on many disciplines to optimize the interaction between the work environment and the worker. Physical ergonomics is concerned with human anatomical, anthropometric, physiological, and biomechanical...

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Your Chiropractic Care Specialist In Centurion

Since the declaration of the national lockdown, thousands of South Africans have been feeling the pressure of the uncertainty of what is to come. Many of us have lost our jobs and the uncertainty is slowly taking its toll on most of us. Centurion Chiropractor wants to...

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Chiropractic For arthritis – Can My Chiropractor Help Me?

One of the most debilitating conditions is sure to be arthritis. This condition is a painful condition that causes a large variety of symptoms, especially in the early stages where you might not even notice the warning signs of arthritis. The early signs of arthritis...

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Another Pain Killer Or Chiropractic Care?

If you have ever experienced back pain, whether it be in the upper back or lower back, this can be debilitating, preventing you from going about your daily routine as usual. Or maybe, you never noticed the pain as bad as you do now since all South Africans where...

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Centurion Chiropractor And Electrotherapy

What is Electrotherapy? This is a treatment method mostly used by Chiropractors to relieve chronic pain conditions, to relax muscles, prevent muscle spasms, increase blood flow, rehabilitate the muscle and improve mobility. Electrotherapy is a treatment option that...

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What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis refers to inflammation of the thick band of tissue that connects your heel to your toes. Plantar fasciitis is one of the common causes of pain experienced at the bottom of our feet. This occurs as a result of overstretched tissue and developing small...

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Does Shockwave Chiropractic Treatment Hurt?

Shockwave treatment is a chiropractic treatment option for people who have chronic tendinopathies. These painful conditions could be as a result of sport, overuse or repetitive strain. Shockwave therapy has shown to effectively treat the following conditions: • Feet -...

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Find The Balance This Festive Season

The festive season is here, and preparations are well on the way. Everyone is excited for some well -deserved rest (or so we think). But finding your balance this festive season is crucial to your overall health. Let us help you stay balanced this festive season:...

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What Is A Postural Condition And How Do I Avoid It?

Not everyone is aware of the possible health conditions poor posture could have on the body. There are so many conditions that starts with poor posture. Even a headache can be a sign of poor posture. Common symptoms of poor posture can include: Rounded shoulders...

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