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You have probably heard your mother say ‘Stop slouching’ once or twice in your life. She gave you invaluable advice. You will not only look good with better posture, but also feel good. Although standing up straight can make you appear healthier, balanced alignment has been linked to countless other health benefits. Here are just a few paybacks for maintaining a neutral spine and balanced alignment.

Reduced lower back pain. Slouching stresses your lower back and puts pressure on the structures of your spine. Less headaches. Bad posture may promote tension headaches caused by muscle tension at the back of the neck.

Reduced risk of unusual wearing of the joint surfaces. Unbalanced sitting or standing puts strain on your hips. Uneven posture, such as shifting weight to one leg can cause problems.

Improved lung capacity. Decompress your lungs by standing and sitting taller. Your rib-cage, and consequently your lungs, will have more space to expand.

Enhanced circulation and digestion. As with the lungs, vital organs are compressed when slouching. For better blood flow make sure you are properly aligned.

Keep the following tips in mind when adjusting your posture.

  1. For standing, keep your chin parallel to the floor.
  2. Roll your shoulders up and back for even alignment.
  3. Do not flex or arch your spine but keep it neutral.
  4. With arms by your side, keep your elbows straight and even.
  5. Brace abdominal muscles and pull your belly button into your spine.
  6. Hips stay even.
  7. Knees should point straight.
  8. Distribute your body weight evenly between your feet. Do not lean on one leg.
  9. For sitting down, both feet must rest flat on the floor.
  10. Weight must be even on both hips.
  11. Keep your back mostly straight, with natural curves in your lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine.
  12. Relax your shoulders back, with ears lined up over the collarbones.


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