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The neurology and mechanics of joints are incredibly complex, and so much more is the spinal column. The spinal column links the brain to the body and is and intricate network of nerve connections.

The term ‘subluxation’ simply describes a form of spinal nerve interference that blunts the spinal nerve signals controlling our wellbeing and organ system function. Sometimes that system fails as it is very sensitive to stressors.

Children are quite susceptible to subluxation. They grow quickly while discovering the world around them and are subjected to falls and bumps daily. This can place some strain on the spine. In the initial stages, subluxations can occur symptomless and without pain, but these can present at a later stage as a child’s joints and muscles grow.

INSiGHTCLA1 provides four common symptoms identified with a subluxated child:

  1. Failure to thrive, fatigue
  2. Inattentive and impaired concentration, changed behaviour
  3. Reduced immunity with repeated infections
  4. Intensified environmental sensitivities and allergic reactions

Sometimes complaints by youths are simply believed to be growing pains, without us realising there could be a more serious cause. Chiropractors are trained to do an assessment and diagnose subluxations, so an examination is advised to find spinal problems early.

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