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This is the season to be grateful. Spending time with family and friends and endless meal preparations and entertainment. Christmas time is the busiest time of year for all of us and being healthy is something we all desire around this this time. Just to be happy, healthy and to enjoy the well- deserved leave after a year’s hard work.

In this article we will discuss ways to stay healthy and active this festive season and when it is necessary to visit your chiropractor.

With overcrowded roads, people for everywhere in South-Africa wants to reach their holiday destinations, Christmas is the busiest time on the roads. But what if traveling takes a toll on your body? Driving for long periods of time, tensing up over heavy traffic, pressure changes in the cabin of a plane or sleeping in different beds over this period can take its toll on your body. It is advisable to get adjusted should you experience any kind of abnormality or tension in the shoulders, back or even your neck. Your body deserves it. Staying healthy is more important than ignoring the signals

Bad digestion
Indefinitely our eating habits change over the festive season. Snacking and eating fatty foods are well-known fact over the Christmas season. We consume more foods and eat fewer fresh fruits, especially if it is not covered in sugar or jelly and custard. All the meals we consume contains more sugars and starches and less fiber. This drastic change in eating habits can have an impact on your digestive system and cause constipation, bloating or heartburn (not even talking about the extra kilo’s we pick up). Chiropractic care has a huge impact on our digestive system because it affects the nervous system. The nervous system in turn, control the nerves that go to our stomach and intestines. By having a simple adjustment, chiropractic care might be just what your body needs.

Anxiety and depression
This is very common over the festive season. Having to cook for the entire family for endless hours, the in-laws, cleaning, shopping and not enough sleep can take its toll on your body. Remember to put yourself first. Take a nap when needed or just a breather in the garden will help ease anxiety. Chiropractic adjustments can also assist in releasing the tension in the muscles caused by anxiety. Adjustments relaxes the body and increases blood circulation. This action can help soothe the fight or flight response of the body.

Don’t forget to stretch
Stretching can help improve your body’s flexibility and movement. Stretching encourages blood circulation to your body and can significantly improve your posture, reducing the chances of chronic pain. Your chiropractor might suggest upon your visit that you do stretching and strengthening exercises to enable your body to heal faster.

Incorporate healthy foods
Foods rich in calcium such as yogurt, milk and cheese shouldn’t be left out. They are optimal for bone health. Maybe instead of leaving the glass of milk for Santa, you could have one too. Exchange the fatty snacks for some cheese sticks and have some yogurt and muesli for breakfast. Taking dairy products on a daily basis is something we owe our bodies.

That long due spring cleaning
Everyone wants a clean home before the new year starts. Your body will be submerged into a lot more physical activity without even taking notice of it. Although cleaning can bring the mind at ease whilst stressed (without even noticing it), you need to ensure you are bending over correctly, not pick up or move heavy furniture and not overdoing it. Chiropractic adjustments can be necessary in cases where a muscle has been pulled or due to chronic back pain.

How do we alleviate stress this festive season?

Get adequate sleep – This might seem impossible when there is so much to do and so little time. But it is no secret that our body need to recharge. The nervous system is dependant on rest in order to wind down and relax. Poor sleeping habits or a lack of sleep can lead to more anxiety, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Prioritise your naps and take care of your body.

Deep breathing – Just stop for a second an breathe. Breathing exercises can take pressure off you right away. Take slow deep breaths, in and out in a quiet place in your home or outside. Do this exercise for 5 – 10 minutes at a time.

Centurion Chiropractor would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Be safe

on the roads. Staying healthy should be your first priority.