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The neck is important as it has multiple responsibilities, including support for the head and face, and coordination of movement. It houses the cervical portion of the spinal cord, seven delicate vertebras, the oesophagus, major arteries and veins, lymph nodes, myriad muscles, and dense fibrous connective tissue that wraps, envelopes and connects all of its components. Just from this you will realize it is, important that if you have neck pain from an injury or neck pain in general, it is crucial to see your chiropractor.

Injuring your neck can lead to many problems, and not treating it can have long term effect. A neck injury can lead to intense Neck Pain, that can give you spasms and limits you from turning your neck. Additionally it can create intense headaches. Treating your neck pain professionally is extremely important, and doing this through a chiropractor is even more important as they will determine the safest course to treat your neck pain.

Common symptoms of Neck Pain include:

Neck pain that increases with movement
Muscle stiffness and decreased range of motion
Headaches that are associated with Neck Pain
Tingling or numbness in the arms or hands

Sometimes when a chiropractor examines your neck pain, and notices the spasms are too strong, it is not always safe to just do a neck adjustment, and they sometimes need to recommend a different course of treatment to start off with like a few massage sessions with a qualified therapist to help with the soft-tissue pain. A massage therapist will treat the muscles and when the muscles are strong enough, a chiropractor can then continue his or her work to adjust your neck to further relief you from neck pain. It may be recommended to continue both the massage treatment and chiropractic treatment for long lasting results.

If you are worried about your neck pain, go see Dr Jacques Bezuidenhout Centurion Chiropractor. He will examine you and recommend the best course of treatment for you.