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Visiting a Chiropractor is important if you experience back pain, but for long-term results, one must invest in a mattress that supports your spine.

Millions of adults suffer from back pain or chronic back pain. The initial cause of back pain can be accidents, injuries or unhealthy habits, but back pain can be aggravated by poor sleeping conditions, including the quality of your mattress. A bad mattress can put pressure on your spine, while a good mattress can help alleviate it.

When you shop for a perfect mattress for your back pain, keep these few things in mind.

Type of Mattress
There are three basic types of mattresses: spring, latex and memory foam. If you do have back pain, you should consider one of the latter two options. Studies have shown that switching to a new mattress composed of foam and latex layers improved the sleep quality of those who have back pain.

Mattress firmness is a personal preference, some love a rock-hard mattress, while it may cause others to toss and turn all night. But the firmness can impact your back and if you suffer from back pain, a medium-firm mattress may be your best options. These mattresses will be hard enough to provide the proper support, but soft enough to move with the contours of your body to alleviate pressure.

Sleep Position
The position in which you sleep should also inform what mattress you should buy. For side sleepers, look for a mattress that keeps your body in proper alignment with your pillows. Your mattress needs to be soft enough to accommodate the curves of your shoulders and hips, but supportive enough to prevent sagging. You’ll often find a good combination with plush upper layers and more supportive layers below, which will allow you to sink in, and not too deep

Mattresses don’t last forever, they tend to war down over time, becoming saggy, unsupportive and van exacerbate back pain. In general, mattresses need to be replaced every seven years.

Off course, it is always best to choose a mattress that feels most comfortable to you. Take everything in mind when choosing your new mattress, as it is an investment into your overall health and helps with your back pain.