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You may be used to a little stiffness in your back, but when is that Back Pain indicative of a more serious problem? When Back Pain becomes chronic, it becomes harder to treat. Chiropractors focus specifically on restoring normal function to their patients, as opposed to numbing existing problems with painkillers.

When should you seek the help of a Chiropractor for Back Pain? Here are a few key warnings to look out for.

1. Pain radiation down the back of your legs
If you have this type of pain, see a professional early on. While some cased of lower Back Pain tens to resolve themselves within a week, once the pain starts going done the leg, it suggests that the nerves are being irritated.

2. Weakness or numbness in your feet or legs
This can indicate that the nerves are not only being irritated but they are being damaged. The damage may be in the spinal cord itself.

3. Loss of control of your bowel or bladder
Loss of control of bowel movements, or incontinence could be a sign of nerve damage in the spine and this can lead to permanent damage.

4. Deep pain at night
If your Back Pain is worse at night and feels more like a deep, boring pain, it could be due to something serious. Instead of putting yourself on bed rest or taking painkillers, make an appointment with a Chiropractor to get to the root of the problem.

5. Difficulty walking more than a block
If you find it hard walking more than a block, and when the pain gets better when you lean forward while walking, it can mean the joints are experiencing wear and tear in the spinal cord and you need to see a Chiropractor sooner than later.