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Each time you bend over or stand up, you feel pain. It’s an ache that shoots through your Lower back and never seems to go away. Lower Back Pain is one of the most common forms of Chronic Pain among adults.

Maybe you lay down, hoping the pain will go away, but many Chiropractors also encourage Lower Back Pain sufferers to be more active with some Back Pain Relief Exercises to move their backs and related muscles to help with some relief.

Make sure it is the right kind of exercise to avoid putting too much stress and strain on your back. So which exercise should you choose? This depends on how intense your pain is, and what causes it, so you should get the recommendation from your Chiropractor first before doing any exertion on your Lower Back Pain.

The following section presents a few simple exercises that can help relieve Lower Back Pain and a few are also highlighted to avoid. With your Chiropractors approval, adding these moves to your workout can free you from some pain and lead to overall health.

Skip Toe Touches

Fitness is a great treatment for back pain, but some movements offer you little benefits. Toe touches from a standing position can aggravate sciatica and other conditions by overstressing ligaments and spinal disks. Another cause for concern is the way standing toe touched can overstretch hamstrings and muscles in your Lower Back.

How much pain is too much?

Some mild discomfort and pain can be expected anytime you start a new workout. As you work your way back to better health and your muscles strengthen, that discomfort should disappear. When a fitness routine causes moderate or severe pain symptoms that lasts longer than 15 minutes, you should stop the exercise and check with your Chiropractor.

Pain Relief: Partial Crunches

One of the classic core-strengthening workouts is the partial stomach crunch. Partial crunches build strength in both your Lower Back and related stomach muscles. making this an ideal exercise for people with spondylosis.

Skip the Sit-Ups

Sit-ups are a fitness standard, but they are not as good at strengthening your core as you may think. The reason for this is that people often use their hip muscles more than their stomach when doing this exercise. Not only are they poor choice for core strength, but sit-ups create pressure on the spinal disks, which can lead to injury by increasing our Lower Back Pain rather than lowering it.

Hamstring Stretches

These stretches relieve the back of the leg, where some of the muscles that support the work of the lower spine are found.

Avoid Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are suggested as useful treatments for Lower Back Pain. That is because they help strengthen abdominal muscles which play an important part in back health. Unfortunately, lying on your back and lifting both legs together can worsen back pain and could cause injury.

Wall Sits

When it comes to Low Back Pain, try some wall sits as a break from sitting on the couch.

Press-up Back Extensions

Another treatment for back pain symptoms is the press-up back extension.

Bird Dog

It is a great fitness routine to Ease Low Back Pain. The bird dog is a great way to learn to stabilize the Lower Back during movements of the arms and legs.

Knee To Chest

Another way to get your legs pumping as a treatment for Lower Back Pain Symptoms.

Pelvic Tilts

Before Back Pain has you writhing on the floor with the usual symptoms, try lying on your back for some pelvic tilts. This workout is designed to strengthen your pelvis, which often works on a concert with the core muscles along your spine. Make sure your abdomen can pull its fair share means your spine pain will have one less possible cause.

Glute Bridges (Bridging)

Bridges offer so much for the symptoms of Back Pain. This exercise helps strengthen various supporting players for your back like the hamstrings, glutes, transverse abdominis, abdomen and hips. It also works directly to strengthen the Lower Back.

Carefully Choose a Weight Lifting Legimen

If done correctly, weight lifting will not exacerbate your Back Pain. Your pain may become less as your Lower Back Strengthens along with supporting body parts. However, when your back pain comes on suddenly, the additional stress of weight training could put you in harm’s way, leading to injury. To use weight lifting, talk to your Chiropractor and he/she will advise you on whether or not lift weights.

Aerobic Exercises

This helps strengthen the cardiovascular system, from the lungs and heart down to the blood vessels themselves. Aerobics can include biking, swimming, walking or many exercises that elevate your heart rate and get you moving. Start with a short session then over time lengthen the sessions as your stamina approves.

Back Pain sometimes requires special care, try swimming as a treatment for your symptoms. Swimming supports your body weight giving your back a break. Be careful to avoid any strokes that require your body to twist.

Some Pilates

A routine that incorporates strengthening and stretching with a focus on the abdominal core sounds ideal for those who suffer from Back Pain Symptoms. Pilates is a training workout that sometimes uses an apparatus called a Reformer to emphasize flexibility and endurance along with strength. But many Pilates exercises can be performed without any special equipment. With the help of an experienced instructor, Pilates may help some people with Lower Back Pain. Make sure your instructor knows about your pain ahead of time as you do need to skip some moves.