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In the last article, we had a few examples of Back Pain Causes. This week we are looking at more Causes of Back Pain

Bedtime Setup:
Back Pain is more likely to occur during sleep than while you are awake. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you sleep
1. Mattress: A mattress that dips in certain areas will bend your spine abnormally. If you are sinking into your mattress when you lie down, it is lacking the proper support. This results in poor sleep posture, muscle strain and misalignment of the spine which is a Back Pain Cause.
2. Pillow Height: If the height of your pillow is too high or too low, your neck can bend abnormally, causing muscle strain on the back of the neck and shoulders.
3. Sleeping on your stomach: This does not maintain the proper curve in the spine or neck throughout the night and it puts pressure on the joints and muscles.

When stressed, back muscles tend to tend up and even spasm. Stress also causes increased production of Cortisol leading to inflammation and achiness. Those who are stressed often are more likely to have increased Back Pain symptoms. Stress is a major Back Pain Cause.

Impact From Walking and Running:
As your heel strikes the ground, shock waves travel up the legs to the lumbar region of the back, causing poor alignment and irritated back muscles.

An increase in hormones, weight gain and the shift in the centre of the body’s gravity can all work together to cause discomfort and Back Pain during pregnancy.

There are also specific medical Back Pain Causes:

Degenerative Disks:
As we age, the cushioned, shock-absorbing disks between each vertebra can wear down which is a Back Pain Cause

Herniated Disk or Sciatica:
A Herniated or “slipped” disk in the spine places pressure on nerves in the spinal column. Known as sciatica, this intense pressure on the nerves can cause pain from the buttocks down to the length of the leg.

This condition is caused by an abnormal curvature in the spine, often making the back appear in a “C” or an “S” shape

Spinal Stemosis:
Often as a result of bone spurs, this condition narrows the canal within each vertebra that houses the delicate nerves of the spinal column, causing the pinching and nerve pressure

Here is a tip when you go and see your Chiropractor

Keep a pain journal: Experts recommend keeping a pain journal to help doctors figure out the source of your Back Pain Causes and how to help manage the pain. Do this a few times a day and describe the type of pain you have on a scale of 1-10. Write about the activities that might have spurred pain, the time of day you experienced pain and use descriptive words like tingling, burning or aching.